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    Health is wealth. Genevieve was invited by the Philippines College of the Advancement in Medicine Foundation Inc. to deliver several lectures in Manila (Philippines) in November 2013 about the power of meditation, Yoga, the reationship between the mind and diseases, and how to heal oneself by changing one's mental patterns (a sneak peak into her upcoming book).

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  • It's All In Your Mind

    As is the mind, so is the body...

    The root of all diseases is in the mind. There is a psychosomatic cause for each and every illness, which when identified, can be reversed to restore health. Learn more about this topic by watching the video of Genevieve's lecture in the Philippines.

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Book Writing Roller Coaster: Pen Over Time Challenge

The author has challenged herself to complete writing 10 non-fiction books in one year despite juggling with her already hectic schedule. This project will serve as an example of the importance of determination, discipline and passion, which will inspire everyone in making the impossible possible.

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The Mind, Visualisation and Self-Healing

Spiritual Master for the Sandhya Maarga Mission and the founder of the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system, e-magazine Holistic Living Annex, Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy, and international speaker and author Genevieve Tan Shu Thung was invited to the Philippines to provide several lectures in conjunction with this year's annual conference organised by the Philippines College of the Advancement in Medicine.

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Sacred Sanctuary Album

Genevieve's newest album, "Sacred Sanctuary" to be released in 2014. The tracks include Faith Hope, Trust, Love, Acceptance, Truth, Righteousness, Peace... Stay tune.

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Latest Book: Sun Tzu's Art of War Unveiled

Compiled more than 2,000 years ago, Sun Tzu's "Art of War" is still perhaps the most influential literature on strategy in the world. This book offers a unique interpretation of Sun Tzu's work, linking it to the teachings of Mental Science.

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Origami Mummy

Genevieve Tan Shu Thung proudly presents another unique short sketch that exemplifies the greatness of a mother's love for her child in this Mother's Day 2014 movie titled "Origami Mummy".

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Travel and Tour

Genevieve travels around the world to teach the Sandhya Maarga Meditation technique, deliver spiritual discourses and present lectures and workshops on natural medicine. Find out about Genevieve's upcoming tour.

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Genevieve's Quotes

Here is the list of Genevieve's quotes, divided into different categories such as Relationship, Success, Life, Health, Festivals, Famous Figures, Spirituality and Mental Science.

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Published Articles

Genevieve has published many articles over the past many years. Here is the list of some of Genevieve's published articles divided into different categories: Spirituality, Mental Science and Success, Health, Yoga, Success, News, Pets, Family & Lifestyle, Natural Beauty, Vegetarian Food...

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Dialogue with Genevieve

This is the list to some excerpts of the conversations with Genevieve in the past about any topic under the sun...

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